Bad Mama, bad Mama, bad Mama

As a certain childrens television show character says “Oh Man!” I wish I had an excuse for why I haven’t written in such a long time, but I haven’t. The obligations of being a Mama to two small kids, working fulltime and trying to stay (somewhat) sane have taken over my life, brushing aside small luxuries such as blogging and writing updates to family and friends miles away. Here are a few photos that will give you an idea of how much my children have grown up in the space of a few months.

Ahhhhh, Manhattan Beach, we love you.

Two Frost monkeys and a hairy leg (courtesy of Fran)

Should a few hours magically appear, I’ll make a concerted effort to post regularly but realistically you may not see me for another month or two. Apologies in advance….. Until I write again, adios!


Time, it’s me Lucy, where are you???

And while we’re at it, my old BFF sleep has been MIA for the past two years.  If anyone finds her, can you tell her I need her help, stat!

Here I am bf’ing and trying to write a blog post so I better be quick, but wanted to add a couple of foodie photos while they’re fresh on my desktop:

my natural baby food

Shredded wheat + yoghurt = toddler cement


my natural baby spoon

Who knew having so much fun with a spoon was possible?

And while we’re at it, here is Miss 20 weeks:

my natural baby solids

First day of starting solds = not impressed

my natural baby solids

Apple = sour!

Our dog, Lola, has become invaluable for sucking up scraps, liquids and anything else that venture off the table.  How do people without a family dog do it?!


Iggy was lucky enough to be given a Wishbone Bike for Christmas from his grandparents.  I’m not going to harp on about how great they are, but I am super stoked that Igg has one.

If you're looking for a training bike, this is for you!

We had a photoshoot last night in the Botanic Gardens with both of the kids.  Images still to come, but here’s a teaser the photographer sent through last night:

No, Iggy hasn't had Botox. The trout pout is a result of a lip meets handle bar.

Try and tell me that little boy isn’t cute, I dare you!

A few characters you don’t want to meet in a dark alley…..

It’s passport time for the Frost family:

  1. Fran needs to get his visa transferred after finding out that it lapsed 6 months ago.  Oops!
  2. Iggy needs to be issued his own passport
  3. Ditto for Frankie
  4. My passport expired last year so I need to get a new one as well

With passports come the dreaded passport photos, and this line up looks like something from an episode of The Soprano’s:

Big Poppa, Babyface and Fat Frankie.

Fat Frankie may resemble a balding 45 year old man in this photo, but I assure you she’s much cuter in person!

Has it really been….

8 weeks since little Frankie was born?  Wow, in between sleep deprived nights and an increasing workload I’ve been neglecting my blog.

It’s Friday afternoon and I have a baby screaming in the other room so I’ll make this short.  Fran and I have been marveling at how similar how babies look:

Baby #1

Baby #2

Now is it just me, or do these two look like they could be twins?!


Drum roll please……

Just when I thought I was destined to be pregnant forever, our little peanut arrived, (4 days late), on January 7.  After Iggy’s labor I was scared I was in for another 30 hours of it, but everything moved so fast that there wasn’t even time for pain relief of any kind.  That’s right, I did au naturel!  Who would have thought?  Certainly not me!

Little Frankie Dode Frost was born at 9:32am and weighed 8lbs 3oz.  Here are a few snaps I’ve taken in the past two weeks:

Isn't it a bit early to be thumb sucking?

Mastering the fine art of the one eye open, one eye closed snooze.

Hungry, hungry hippo.

Just about to cry 😦

For two people who thought they would never have kids, we’ve definitely jumped into this parenthood thing head first!  With 18 months to the day between them, I’m sure we’re in a for a ton of adventures with these two…


A new year = new baby?

In my case, NO!  As of January 1, I was not nursing a hangover OR a newborn, instead I was the proud owner of a big, bulging belly and an increasingly irritable demeanor.  My poor husband!

So, today is the official due date of bubs #2 and I get the distinct feeling that nothing is going to happen.  If this one is anything like Igg, I’m in for another 3 days before she makes her appearance.

In the meantime, here’s a photo I snapped of Igg this morning channeling his inner construction worker.

We're not sure where the blonde hair comes from?!

Cross your fingers and toes for us!  Oh, forgot to mention that the position of this baby is also posterior.  For those of you not fluent in baby speak, this means that she’s back to front = long labour 😦