Buggie’s first swimming lesson

Iggy has been taking swimming lessons since he was about 4 months old.  As a result he’s super confident in the water, (not one of those sissies who plugs his nose), and will happily jump off the side and into the water to me.

For some reason, I’ve waited until Frankie was 10 months before introducing her to the pool.  Maybe it’s because she seems so much more precious than Igg or maybe lack of time, whatever the reason she finally had a lesson this past week with her Poppa.  The jury’s still out as to whether she enjoyed it or not…..

Credit to Paul Frank for the adorable togs (bathing suit in New Zealand speak)

And thanks to my Dad for getting in the pool with Bugs.


Uh oh, I've been spotted....

I think it'sa safe to say that my Dad had more fun than Frankie did.

And the best part of it all, Frankie slept for over 3 hours when she got home.  Yes!  Swimming lessons really take it out of you when you’re 10 months old.


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