Time, it’s me Lucy, where are you???

And while we’re at it, my old BFF sleep has been MIA for the past two years.  If anyone finds her, can you tell her I need her help, stat!

Here I am bf’ing and trying to write a blog post so I better be quick, but wanted to add a couple of foodie photos while they’re fresh on my desktop:

my natural baby food

Shredded wheat + yoghurt = toddler cement


my natural baby spoon

Who knew having so much fun with a spoon was possible?

And while we’re at it, here is Miss 20 weeks:

my natural baby solids

First day of starting solds = not impressed

my natural baby solids

Apple = sour!

Our dog, Lola, has become invaluable for sucking up scraps, liquids and anything else that venture off the table.  How do people without a family dog do it?!


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