Short back and sides

We had been putting it off forever but finally decided it was time that Iggy had his first ever hair cut.  I was apprehensive at first, given that he doesn’t have a lot of hair to start with (which Fran claims he gets from my Dad’s side), but it was obvious the flickies on his ears were annoying and needed to go.  I called the local barber and on a fine, sunny morning Iggy had his baby locks cut:

my natural baby iggy

The hairdresser needed Iggy to sit on a knee so Dada stepped up to the challenge and offered his up.

my natural baby iggy

And the trimming begins.

I expected Igg to be wriggling all over the place, but he was surprisingly pretty chilled out:

my natural baby iggy

See what I mean about the long, over the ear flickies?

my natural baby iggy

I think he found the whole experience quite relaxing.

And in the space of about 10 minutes, my baby had been transformed into a little boy:

my natural baby iggy

At the rate he's growing up, I'll be giving him driving lessons next week!

my natural baby iggy

Look at those bangs!

my natural baby iggy

What a profile!

my natural baby iggy

I may be responsible for the fine hair, but I lay no claim to those ears. Those are definitely from his Dad's side!

I found this whole experience quite traumatizing and dread the day he starts going through puberty and dating girls.  This once cool, calm and collected girl has turned into a sloppy mess whose heart belongs to her baby boy.

my natural baby iggy

All that remains of the first haircut (not including the 50 photos I took).


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