Drum roll please, it’s a……

I am in constant awe at the marvels of modern technology.  Back in my Mom’s day, there was no such thing as nuchal fold tests (for Down’s syndrome), anatomy scans (to make sure the baby has all the right bits) or gender scans (for those of us wanting to find out the sex).  It was just a matter of turning up on the day, enduring hours of labor and crossing fingers that everything was where it should be and that the baby was healthy and happy.  Nowadays, ultrasounds are just a part of the joys of being pregnant and go hand in hand with weight gain, kankles, mood swings, weight gain, cravings, fluid retention, and did I mention weight gain?

For those of you not wanting to look at ultrasound photos of our 18+ week baby, navigate your way to Perez Hilton, Facebook or CNN for some really interesting news.  For the rest of you, here’s how the ultrasounds have been looking for far.


my natural baby iggy

Apparently this kidney bean shape is the beginning of a little baby.


my natural baby iggy

Hmmm, this is a baby?

my natural baby iggy

Smiling for the camera.


my natural baby iggy

I think that's a foot?

my natural baby iggy

Yikes, definitely not the most flattering angle.

And for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..  It’s a GIRL!  Don’t ask me how they can tell, but apparently it is.

Just another 22 weeks of retaining water, eating weird food combos, lashing out at my poor husband and an ever growing belly to go.


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