Iggy’s 1st birthday

We didn’t have any big soiree or hoopla for Iggy’s birthday.  Just a laid back and low key family affair.  Maybe next year we’ll throw a big party.

Here are a couple of highlights:

Fran writing in Iggy’s birthday card: “Happy Birthday Iggy!  You won’t remember this one but you won’t remember your 21st either, so I guess they’re all worth celebrating”.

Iggy opening boxes is pretty cute:

my natural baby iggy

The flashier the paper, the better.

It’s a…..

my natural baby iggy

Trike! Just what I've always wanted....

And then he’s off, already on the two back wheels, doing donuts in my Mom’s kitchen:

my natural baby iggy

This trike doesn't come with a safety belt, so holding on with both hands is a must!

my natural baby iggy

I'm holding on to this thing, TIGHT!

my natural baby iggy

A little down time before the sugary treats are brought out from the pantry.

Next, we cut the cake and give a little sliver to Igg:

my natural baby iggy

At first, he seemed a little unsure about the cake.

But then he got into it:

my natural baby iggy

And before long, it was all gone and the sugar rush started.

After zooming around on his trike, high on sugar and adrenaline, we drove home and he conked out for about an hour.  Needless to say, he hasn’t had any sweet, delicious treats since that day and I’m in no hurry to introduce them as staples to his diet.


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  1. looks like he had a good b-day =)


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