Wet and wild weekend

Now that I’m a Mom, my weekends have become WAYYYY tame.  Gone are the nights of dinners and drinks and here to stay are Saturday nights consumed by baby feeding, bathing and property shows.

This past weekend we went to Rotorua with my girlfriend and her family for a couple of nights away of fun and catching up.  Little did we know, our Friday night would be much more action packed than we anticipated!

After about three hours of sleep, we were awoken at 2:15am by the sounds of a torrential downpour outside and a siren blaring “Evacuate the building.  Exit through the nearest fire exit” in our room.  Urg, seriously?  I lay in bed for about 4 minutes until a hotel employee knocked on the door and insisted we leave our room.  Braless and with baby in tow, we made our way to the lobby where we were instructed to stand outside while trying to avoid the sheets of rain that were pelting the building.  Luckily, Iggy found this more entertaining than us and was more than happy to be awake.  Perhaps because he was snugly wrapped up in his sleep sack.  After about 30 minutes we made our way back to the room and collapsed.   That was, until I was awoken at 6am by drip, drip, drip.  Yep, we had holes in our roof!

The source of the drip, drip, drip.

This was the big leak, obviously much bigger than the hand towel I was trying to contain it with.

Smaller, but just as deadly.

Just in case the deluge came inside, Iggy was prepared:

my natural baby iggy

Holding onto Tommy for dear life!

my natural baby iggy

Iggy looked bright eyed after his 2 hour nap. Pity Fran and I couldn't drop in on that.

Sunday rolled around and it was time to leave, but we couldn’t go to Rotorua without visiting a thermal area.  So after paying WAYYYYY too much we made our way around Te Puia.

And exactly how do I pronounce that?

For some reason, I find bubbling mud fascinating.

This geyser goes off two or three times every hour, and blows up to 50 meters high!

Fran decided to do some offroading with Iggy firmly tucked into his buggy:

Doesn't look steep in the picture but it was pretty gnarly.

Igg loved it:

my natural baby iggy

Let's do it AGAIN!

The water in this pool is BOILING:

Take a look at the flax bags of potatoes boiling in the water!

This was used to capture birds (somehow):

If I was a bird, I'd be flying in the opposite direction.

This was Iggy’s best impression:

my natural baby iggy

Far less intimidating than the bird catcher.

TEETHING UPDATE (and yes, it warrants capital letters): We can finally see the first of Igg’s teeth coming through along the bottom.  I’ll post a photo once it pops through.


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