The return of the Jolly Jumper

Iggy is adamant that crawling isn’t going to happen, instead focusing all of his efforts on (assisted) walking.  I decided to bust the Jolly Jumper out of retirement so he could burn some energy and feel a sense of achievement.  I forgot how hilarious that thing is.

my natural baby iggy

Stiff legged and a little sketched out.

my natural baby iggy

Feeling it out....

my natural baby iggy

Ok, now I remember this thing.

my natural baby iggy

Wide eyed and ready to jump.

Once he got started, there was no stopping him:

my natural baby iggy

Getting a little air.

my natural baby iggy

Side action shot.

My natural baby iggy

Lovin' it!

It doesn’t look as though walking is in our cards anytime in the near future, so I think the Jolly Jumper is going to become Iggy’s new best friend.

And for those of you wondering, 10+ months and STILL no teeth but an endless laundry cycle of drool stained clothing.  Grrrrrr…….


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