Mynaturalbaby, future supermodel in the making….

Even if he did get rejected from a baby modeling agency, I still think Igg is the most photogenic 10 month old out there.  I’m not a big fan of staged photoshoots, or baby photoshoots in general, but I jumped on the chance to participate in a mini shoot a few weeks ago with some babies from my antenatal class.

mynaturalbaby iggy

Drool monster

mynaturalbaby iggy

So serious!

mynaturalbaby iggy

Dirty piggies

mynaturalbaby iggy

Almost two months after this photo was taken, Igg still isn't crawling!!

mynaturalbaby iggy

Snuggling with the lovey

mynaturalbaby iggy

Doing the army shuffle

mynaturalbaby iggy

I heart my Mom

my natural baby iggy

(Sloppy) kisses on Mom's nose.

mynaturalbaby iggy

Look at that comb over!

Watch out Ford Modeling Agency, Iggy is a hot prospect!


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