Iggy’s first boat trip

Last Thursday we skipped out of work early and made the trek down to the lake for a weekend of hanging out with family, drinking way too much and enjoying the water.

It was Iggy’s first time on a boat, and from what we could tell, he was really into it.

my natural baby iggy

The loud glug glug of the motor was a little confusing.

my natural baby iggy

You can't see our bach, but get the idea.

my natural baby iggy

And, we're OFF.

The whole boat ride was a bit much for Igg, so he took a quick catnap:

my natural baby iggy

You never know when a dog bed will come in handy. Thanks Bessie!

After his beauty sleep, Igg was awake and ready to enjoy the scenery with his Dad:

my natural baby iggy

Fran looks like he should have snuggled up and had a nap with Iggy.

Before too long, he was looking for toys to play with:

my natural baby iggy

The closest thing to a baby friendly toy we could find was a bungy cord.

And then we were back on dry land and everyone was happy:

my natural baby iggy

Fran's ready for a beer, Iggy's ready for a bottle.

In other news, regardless of endless prompting from me to say Mama, Iggy’s first words are officially Dada.  Fran’s stoked, but little does he know Iggy’s been saying Dada to any dark haired male he sees!


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