Adventures in crawling

OK, OK, I tease….  Iggy isn’t exactly crawling yet, but in the past couple of months we’ve made some pretty good progress.  For a baby who hasn’t exactly relished spending any time on his tummy, at 8+ months we’re finally beginning to catch up.

The first major milestone was Iggy being able to sit up by himself.  It took a couple of weeks to master, but he finally got there.   This photo was taken on January 26th and was the only time I was able to get him in mid fall.

my natural baby iggy

Check out the look on his face!

The first step to crawling is lying on the back:

my natural baby iggy

At which Iggy is a pro.

Skip a couple of steps, (namely rolling over and pulling himself up), and we come to the knees:

my natural baby iggy

I swear I do this pose in yoga.

Then a quick little back arch:

my natural baby iggy

Quite the workout for a little guy.

And then the arms start to give way and he’s slip, sliding away….

my natural baby iggy

Back on the tummy.

From start to finish, the whole process probably only lasts about a minute and then he’s smoked.  With the amount of time he’s in press up position, you’d think he’d have killer pecs!

And now for the gratuitous cute baby photo:

my natural baby iggy

On a final note, people never tell you this but when babies concentrate really hard, they drool EVERYWHERE!

my natural baby iggy

Crawling is tough work, lady!

And for those of you wondering, we’re at 8 1/2 months and STILL no sign of teeth!  If I don’t see any pegs in a couple of weeks, I’m shopping for baby dentures.


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