(hardboiled) Green eggs and (no) ham

Our solids journey with Iggy has reached the four month mark, and it’s fair to say we’ve had highs and lows along the way.  He loves anything sweet, but savory meals are a little challenging.  Tonight I tried to feed Iggy hardboiled egg and was met with significant resistance:

my natural baby iggy

Not impressed with the smell or texture

I was able to sneak a small fragment into his mouth:

my natural baby iggy

Still a little weird.....

And now for a bigger chunk:

my natural baby iggy

What is this thing?

OK, ok, this isn’t as bad as I thought:

my natural baby iggy

Just swallow it down....

I mistook the reach as a sign that he wanted more:

my natural baby iggy

Maybe I will have some more.

When he actually just wanted to smoosh it between his fingers:

my natural baby iggy

Let me at it.

And this is how much we had left:

Just a fraction less than what we started with.

With the tray shouldering the rest of the load:

my natural baby iggy

When he gave me this look, I knew it was time to move on from the hardboiled egg debacle.

Time for the cleanup crew:

my natural baby iggy

They can sniff out anything.

Knowing that marmite on toast is a guaranteed favorite, I decided to switch directions:

my natural baby

The excited eyes say it all!

Before he even starts, the marmite is all over his hands:

my natural baby iggy

Looking more much appreciative.

And down the hatch it goes:

my natural baby iggy

The poor, unsuspecting toast didn't stand a chance.

And then I had a much happier baby on my hands:

my natural baby iggy

Time for his close up


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