My natural retro baby

I have a jail broken iPhone.  I wish I could explain what that means, but I’m not really sure myself.  All I know is that every few months when it’s time to update, the phone freaks out and I have to borrow one until it recovers.

After a brief four week hiatus, my iPhone is back in business and I’m able to take Polaroid style photos with the Hipstamatic app.  Here are a few:

my natural baby fran

The beauty of working at home is that you don't have to wear a shirt at your desk.

my natural baby iggy

Looks photoshopped but hasn't even been touched. Crazy!

my natural baby iggy

Iggy and his Aunty Amos

my natural baby iggy

Iggy wears sepia well, albeit it a bit shaky.

Iggy seems to be developing more and more into a little boy each day.  His personality is really starting to show and sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s only seven months old!

my natural baby iggy

Meet my sous chef, Iggy.

my natural baby iggy

Yes, I know it's a camping chair but it's the perfect size for Iggy.

my natural baby iggy

Look out James Cameron, Iggy Frost and his camping/Directors chair are coming for you…..


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love the camping chair!
    Check out my blog, you might like it as I am into natural and organic as well.
    We’re having our 1st contest too…enter! Weleda baby skin care 😉


  2. You take wonderful pictures. what a cutie he is. I’ll be back to visit your blog soon.


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