Like a fish to water

Iggy loves the water.  Whether it’s in the bath, having a dip in his little pool or swimming lessons, he’s impossible to keep dry.

Bath time signals the end of the day and since Iggy can’t sit up by himself, it’s usually easier for one of us to have a bath with him.  A typical nighttime bath goes a little something like this:

my natural baby

I think if you asked him, he would say that Fran is his favorite bathtime buddy.

Wet and ready for a scrub:

my natural baby

He doesn't have that much hair, so it's not hard to wet it!

Soaping up with the foam hair and body wash:

my natural baby

The lavender and chamomile combo is meant to make him sleepy, but sometimes I think it has the opposite effect.

Lather, rinse and repeat:

my natural baby

Time to rinse the hair.

Time for splashing and water toys.  We never thought we’d be “those people” that have foam letters and numbers in our bathtub, but we are.  Sigh.

my natural baby

Most of the letters end up in his mouth.

One last rinse before it’s time to get out.

my natural baby

I can hear a sleepsack calling my name.....

Iggy is usually smoked and ready for a long snooze after his bath .  After we dry him off and slip him into his sleepsack he’s usually out for the night, unless he senses something exciting is happening that he wants to be part of and squeals for us to come and get him.  At almost 7 months, he already has us wrapped around his (chunky) little finger!


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