My natural water boy

Iggy is a natural when it comes to the water.  He loves bath time, and now that we have a mini pool for him in the backyard, we try to get him in there any chance we can.

Here are some shots from his first dip.

Lola honed in on her target and was about to ponce, before I stepped in and chased her away with the hose.

Iggy's all lubed up, nuded up and ready for a dip.

Easing him in sloooowwwllllyyyy.

She's back again, looking to snatch a water toy and run.

Once he became acclimated to the chilly water, everything went straight into his mouth.

The rubber duckie (thanks Christy!) is no match for those buddha baby belly rolls.

Iggy, why so so serious?

Mama gets in on the tail end of the swim and helps.

Of course Tug had to get in on the action.

Better late than never, I suppose.

Iggy’s starting swim classes next week.  He loves swimming in the nude but is going to have to don his swim dipe if he wants to hang with the big boys, or as they call them in his class, the ducklings.


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