A safe haven for parents

Having not had my baby while I was in the US, I was never exposed to the world of Parents Rooms while visiting the mall.  Now that I’m a new Mama, I’m a frequent visitor to the uncrowded sanctuary of the Parents Room and fully take advantage of the facilities.  I was forced to breastfeed a 5 week old Iggy on a toilet seat at an event months ago, so the Parents Room is a safe haven and place where I can relax and collect my scattered thoughts before tackling the wild world of the mall with my cumbersome stroller and (sometimes) scratchy baby.

These photos are from my fav Parents Room.  It’s HUGE!!

Changing tables line the whole right side of the wall.

The bigger kids can play in this area, and even watch DVD's on the fancy TV!

Fran getting his Iggy change on.

It’s at times like these that we’re stoked to be using cloth diapers, since the trash cans in the Parents Rooms can get pretty ripe and it’s best to steer clear of them.

Each Parents Room has a toilet for both Parents and their child:

Push the button on the left and the door slides open. Fancy!

Here are the facilities:

I'd never seen a kids toilet before visiting the Parents Room. It's on the left and a mini version of a full size one.

Each Parents Room has at least two nursing areas with big breastfeeding chairs and a curtain for privacy:

Huge chair, right?

We don't even make a dent in the chair!

After a change and feed, Iggy is ready to keep shopping:

Never shake a baby, unless you are a baby.

This is another good Parents Room:

This one is bigger than the last and has conference type rooms in it.

In no time at all, Iggy is good to go:

Over it.

Now that Christmas madness is over I haven’t been frequenting the malls as much, but you know when I do, I’ll be hitting up the Parents Room for some chill time before venturing to the food court for some sushi and a huge coffee!  Iggy in tow, of course.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Love your blog, thought you might like our website. Keep up the good work on the parent rooms – pictures are great and should give stores or malls not doing it right a kick up the bottom!


  2. Posted by Francesca on June 30, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Where is this parent room? At a mall in New Zealand?


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