Has it really only been 5 months?

Over a period of a few short months, Iggy has gone from a conceptual being to a real life little boy coexisting in our house.  It seems like only yesterday I was about to burst:

Woah Mama, that's a big load!!

Then before I knew it, it was GO time:

Surprisingly, the epidural didn't hurt at all. The shot of pethadine must have numbed my senses.

And after 30 long hours, little Iggy was here:

The fruit of my long labor!

Before we knew it, two days in after birth care had flown by and we were heading home with the new addition:

Now what do we do?

We now have this little guy to wake up to each morning:

Iggy at (about) 10 days old

Crazy how in the space of five months, a baby can go from this:

Sleeping most of the day away.

To being actively awake, alert and engaged:

Concentrating hard.

He can now sit by himself:

Look, no hands!

Grab and hold things:

Don't even think about touching my caterpillar, lady.

And even eat real food:

Face full'o'fruit

If Iggy has made such huge progress in the short space of five months, what do the next five hold for us?


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