Iggy vs solids

To say Iggy is a strapping baby is an understatement.  In fact, three people in the past few weeks have called him a “bonny boy”.  I had no idea what that meant, so figured I would consult my favorite online dictionary for some help.  According to dictionary.com, bonny means “plump and healthy-looking, sizeable, considerable”.  Good adjectives for our (not so) little man.

With a bonny boy comes a big appetite, so when it seemed that my breast milk just wasn’t cutting it, we decided to try feeding Iggy some rice cereal mixed with pureed fruit.  Here is a photographic play by play:

First, the ingredients:

Ingredient 1

Take pureed fruit

Ingredient 2

Add breast milk to organic rice cereal and you have yourself a baby meal.

Prepare the dining area and arm the baby with a bib:

Dad and Iggy

All bibbed up and ready to go.

Let the games begin:

Fruit face

Fruit face

Cereal face

Cereal face

Iggy looks a little shell shocked by the violation of the plastic spoon:

Food face

This is no breast milk, guys.

Wipe up the remainder on the face:

Clean up

Now that the rice cereal/fruit concoction is done and dusted, it's clean up time.

And now it’s time to reflect and relax:


Full belly, working on a full diaper.

Apparently Moms should try introducing different foods every few days, so while the apple berry ripple was a hit, the pumpkin and wild rice might be another story.

I’m a little anxious about the impending dirty diaper that will result from this adventure.  Apparently solid food diapers are gnarly, so I’ll be sure to post an entry once the explosion comes.


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