I love my baby, and other random thoughts

I often compare having a baby to that feeling I had as a kid on Christmas Day, waking up and being excited about opening presents, playing with new toys and a yummy feast at the end of the day.  OK, so it’s a little different, but when I stumble out of bed in the morning to get Iggy, I’m always psyched to see my little man kicking and cooing on his back.  It sounds lame, but it’s a feeling only a parent can appreciate.  That gummy smile just can’t be beat!

Random thought #2 – Baby photoshoots are not as lame as you’d think.  Iggy and the rest of his ante natal buddies recently had a little mini session and I was actually impressed with the images.  I’m still waiting for the whole set, but here are a couple:

Biased perhaps, but how cute is our little man?

My natural baby in all his naked glory!

I think Iggy's cradle cap was photoshopped out of this one.

I think Iggy's cradle cap was photoshopped out of this one.

Random thought #3 – Dominant genes are undeniable.  We went to see our friends’ new baby on Saturday, and couldn’t believe how tiny he is.  Crazy to think that Iggy was that tiny size 8 weeks ago.  The surprising thing is that even with a half Tongan Dad, he takes after his Mum and is blonde and fair.  In fact, Iggy looks more Tongan than Jett!

Random thought #4: We’re beginning to think our Nanny sux.  Urg…..  The amount of texting, tv watching and general lack of movement on her part is a bit of a concern.  I thought a Nanny was meant to lessen my work load, not increase it and we’re thinking a “sit down” will be happening towards the end of the week.  Stay tuned for the outcome.


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  1. Beautiful photos!


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