Baby Mama from down under

My name is Lucy Frost, and I’m a NZ’er who recently moved back home after spending 9 years in the USA.  Along the way I managed to acquire two dogs, a husband as well as a ton of household goods I swore I would never purchase.   In the ten months since we moved back, we’ve managed to ship a container of the aforementioned household possessions 9,500 miles across the ocean, introduce our dogs to the joys of international travel (thanks Air NZ), purchase a house and become pregnant with our first child. 

With the impending birth of our baby, we challenged ourselves to live a less disposable, more natural life by adopting organic cleaners, natural fabrics and cloth nappies.  The plan is to document my journey from birth onwards, and (hopefully) provide insight and connect with other liked minded Mums who are embarking on the same life changing experience.

Get ready for a no holds barred perspective on the joys, challenges and failures of our adventure!


No, this is not our test shot for MJ's "Thriller".

No, this is not a test shot for MJ's "Thriller" video. This is Mum and Dad to be.....


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